Finnigan's Wake is getting a reputation, not only for our wonderful catering,but also for the wonderful lunches and dinners coming from our kitchen.

The number of lunch and dinner guests are growing at a steady and
impressive rate. You will not find better food at a more reasonable cost
anywhere. Molly Finnigan has staked her reputation on it.

There are, of course, the standard Irish dishes: a Guinness Beef Stew to die for, Shepherd's Pie, Fish and Chips, like your mom used to make. And if you like potatoes, (what self-respecting Irishman does not?) try the sweet potato fries with that marvelous sweet and sour dipping sauce.

There is always potato soup. Wonderful salads exist for those watching their weight. We also have standard "pub fare" for those who want a Phillly Cheese steak. And, as a special treat, try the home-made crab cakes.